Anti Air updated to the next early access phase

Thanks to more awesome feedback a new update is out.
Here is a list of features that have been add to this version.

- Add Ozul Moon, the third planet the Cubicons are invading.
- Add a new enemy, the strong Yellow Cubicon.
- What is Ozul Moon without a boss fight, so a Boss has been add.
- Add two new weapons: The Laser and Missile Launcher.
- Scoring point has been enhanced, various points based on skill can be earned from shooting down Cubicons but also overall game performance bonus points have been add.
- The statistics are also visual around enemies when blasting them from the sky
- 3D sounds and more SFX for feedback and immersion
- Add Haptic feedback to controllers, so the explosions can be felt.
- Revamped the ingame HUD with weapon icons.
- Crosshairs have been made thicker so they are more clear.
- Add enemy color code to onscreen target indicators.
- More options at the Shooting range.
- Updated some FX such as explosion particles and sky dome.
- Again as always solved some minor buggies.

Main goal for the next update is the Arcade mode. Battle the Cubicons for fame, glory and a spot on the leaderboard!

Feedback is great, so always happy to receive some, keep bringing it :)
Feel free to visit and join the Discord channel as that is the quickest way to share the information, but any channel is welcomed.


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